Even though we are a company that specializes in Roofing, McKinney TX, we love our growing little town and want to share some exciting thing we like to do here. McKinney is an exciting town with a myriad of activities. There are many parks, museums and monuments, markets and hotels. The city is home to diverse cultures and continues to attract visitors as well as investors. Some of the unique things about McKinney are its good environment for blooming businesses, no wonder many people have set up businesses here. The town also has excellent educational facilities for all age groups. McKinney also has a historic downtown with beautiful tree-lined streets. If you are visiting or recently moved to McKinney, here are some great things you can do!

Taking your pet on a walk in a park is a fun thing to do in McKinney

Attractions for Adults and Kids


Visit a nice dog park

At times you may want to take your dog for a walk but have no clue on where to start. Well, McKinney TX is a town with several clean dog parks that include trails for hiking. Interestingly, the park also has shades and tables where you can hold a picnic with a family member as you watch your pet play and make new pet friends. The parks are great for pets of all sizes.

Enjoy Alcohol and Wine

McKinney hosts some of the country best wineries and breweries (also some fantastic restaurants!) so you can be sure the drinks are in plenty. You can walk into Landon Winery for a wine tasting experience at slashed prices. The winery is cozy. You will also get informed about different wines, and you might even get to love a different taste of wine that you can carry home. The town is also home to Tupps Brewery where you can visit their bar and enjoy some live music as you sip onto your favorite beer. Sounds like a good deal? I bet it does.

Attend a Concert

McKinney Performing Arts Center is a site that was once a courthouse. The performing arts center also has artistic rooms that they hire out for events such as conferences, birthday parties or even wedding anniversary parties. The facility occasionally holds concerts which you can attend and get entertained as you bite on some popcorn.

Hiking or Bike Riding

Erwin Park located in McKinney is a good park for hiking and bike riding thanks to its well-landscaped terrain. The hiking routes offer all levels of riding challenges including mountain biking. Interesting to note is that the terrains are designed in such ways that they move in and out of the trees so as you hike you get shelter from the trees. You also get to watch birds, and if you want to spend the night in the park, there are camping sites ideal for this. The park feels as if you are deep in the woods while in the real sense it is located near the town.


Go Shopping

There are just those days when you feel like you want to do some shopping. Well, McKinney TX is the right place for that. The Shops at Willow Bend are a sure bet because the mall has everything under one roof. Some shops sell perfume, boutiques, tailors and snack bite stores. Third Monday Trade Days is another place you would not want to ignore. The flea market attracts over 400 sellers with different types of items ranging from clothes, garage sales, health and beauty items, and décor items. The flea market has restrooms and many places you can enjoy the food. There are plenty of parking and ATMs. If you are craving fresh produce, you can visit McKinney Farmers Fresh Market located at Chestnut Square. The market sells fresh fruits and vegetables and mostly those grown organically. Frisco Rotary Farmers Market also located in McKinney sells fresh products including meats and eggs.

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McKinney is a town with a rich history and has continued to attract visitors from all over the US and world. There are many things to do in McKinney such as shopping, wine tasting, hiking, bike riding, attending concerts and conferences. The Third Mondays Trade Days is a unique flea market you  want to explore as you buy fresh fruits and vegetables from Chestnut Square. Everything you can imagine even tasting different foods along the streets is possible at McKinney.

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