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leak repair mckinney tx

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Window & Door leaks

Window leaks are very common and, most of the time, are due to the way they are installed. Improper installation of your windows can cause them to leak, especially when there is another window right above it. The only way to stop these leaks, and to fix them permanently, is to remove the brick, siding or whatever facade is on the wall. We then remove and re-install the windows properly. There is a certain way to do this, and if it is not done in the proper sequence it will still leak. Caulking your windows is not the way to fix them, if you are relying on caulking to keep water out of your home then it is not built properly. The caulk separates due to temperature change throughout the seasons. This means for you, the homeowner, constant maintenance of caulking your windows and doors; as well as the possibility of leaks no matter how much caulking you use. Another very important aspect of water leaks, which is rarely thought of, is the water that travels behind the brick, rock, stucco, siding or whatever is on the exterior walls. This is especially important on brick, rock, stucco and other porous materials made with concrete or mortar. The reason for this is that concrete and mortar allow water to pass through them very easily but the mortar and facade materials suck water up like a sponge so, in certain cases, it takes volumes of water to start the flow and leaking. What this means is that the water which gets to the wall behind the brick needs to be thought of and the proper flashing system installed. All flashings need to be custom fabricated and soldered specifically for your project. We do not use caulking to keep water out of anything. We provide a permanent solution. We provide leak location and repair services in McKinney, Allen, Plano, Frisco, Anna, Melissa and other surrounding areas.

Roof Leaks

Roof leaks can cause major damage in wall cavities or ceilings.  Many times this damage goes unseen for a period of time until the water leak is noticed.  The reason for this is; the various materials between the sheet rock and the exterior veneer soak the water up, which hides the leak.  When the materials become rotten and are unable to absorb the water anymore, the water will then find its way inside the structure.  When repairing the water damage it is important to get to the root of the problem by ensuring that the proper flashings are in place and soldered not caulked.  So, with these things in mind, ensure that the problem is fixed before repairing the cosmetic things inside.

 Snow and Ice removal

Ice damming can cause major leaks and damage to your home.  We offer services to remove the ice from your roof to prevent these problems.  We also offer permanent solutions to make sure you never have to worry about leaking if ice forms on your roof.   Another alternative to make sure ice does not form at all is, to install heating systems on the edge of the roof that will melt the ice.​

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