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Severe weather isn’t uncommon in Anna, TX. If you have lived here for more than one spring time season you know it’s quite likely there will be at least one or two bad hail storms! We like to be truthful with our customers so we will admit it’s certainly possible to go through a few bad storms without getting your roof repaired, but if wait too long to hire a roofing company in Anna, TX your roof might take on more damage than it can handle.

The last think you want is a leak in your roof dropping water down in your attic that then turns into a mold problem. If you think your roof need maintenance it probably does. It wouldn’t hurt at all to give us a call to see if can come out and take a look. It’s usually pretty difficult to see actual damage from the ground and it can be very dangerous climbing up on a roof without the proper safety training and equipment.

Anna, TX Roofing Company

NT Roofing Services can send out trained and highly experienced roofers to your home in Anna. Wether you need some minor roof repair or a full roof replacement we can take care of your needs! We offer free consultations where we will send out a professional to look over your roof. He will walk you through every issue he finds and he will explain exactly what it will take to get the issues taken care of. We work with many different shapes and types of roofs. This includes asphalt roofing shingles, slate shingles, metal roofs, ceramic tiles, and much more.

Roof Replacement

new roof replacement in Anna TX is a huge investment that has a big impact on the value, functionality, and appearance of your home or business building. If you are planning on selling your home, renting your home, or if your roof is more than 20 years old, we recommend having someone come look over your roof and assess any repairs or roof maintenance if necessary.  NT Roofing Services is your go to roofing company for new roof replacements. Sometimes it’s obvious when you need a new roof…but then again, sometimes it’s not. If you aren’t sure if you need a replacement or just roof maintenance, we will send out one of our experts to inspect your roof and let you know what we suggest. Give us a call to schedule someone to come out and give you a free estimate for your roof replacement.

Anna TX Roofing

Roof Maintenance

Your roof’s maintenance is necessary to stopping problems in other areas of your home or building, and proper upkeep will keep your roof lasting for many years. Wind, sleet, rain, snow, and hail can all impact your roof’s quality and performance so it’s very important to make sure your roof is in top shape. Our team is able to offer the highest quality of work because we make sure they have the best training and equipment available. A lot of times, it’s tough to see damage from the ground. If hail damage to roof is left unfixed, it could get drastically worse and lead to major issues that require a roof replacement. If your roof has gone through several storms without being checked out, we highly recommend giving us a call to come look at it.

Roof Repair

Fixing a beat up roof is one of the fastest ways to get your home looking as good as new. If you have a problem with mildew or mold, there is no better way to fix it than through a roof repair as the roof is one way that moisture gets into the home. If you live in a city where you get heavy rainfall or heavy winds or storms, then it is better to go for a roof repair so that you can be sure that there is no compromise to the structural integrity of the roof which can put your family and home to risk when there are any unfavorable weather conditions.

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