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Metal roofs have become popular among a majority of homeowners. The roofs are made from a variety of metals ranging from galvanized steel, aluminum, and tin among others. Additionally, there are different styles including the most common panel shape, shingles, and shakes. They are versatile, giving homeowners the opportunity to have roofs that match with the surrounding environment. We love installing these for our customers, and we believe NT Roofing Services is the best contractor in the Dallas Fort Worth area! We have found that a lot of our potential and current customers don’t really know very much about this type of roof since it’s not quite as popular as your generic shingle roofing. Here is some information that will hopefully be very helpful for you.

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metal roofing benefits

Metal Roofing Benefits

  • Lifespan
    This type of roof has a longer lifespan compared to other roofing materials. They can last from 40-70 years, subject to the material used in their manufacture. Asphalt roofs can last for a maximum of 20 years, half the minimum lifespan of metal roofs.
  • Low Maintenance
    They are resistant to extreme weather conditions such as high temperatures and frost, thus maintain quality for a longer time. You only require to spray them using water to get rid of debris, thus, saving you on maintenance costs.
  • Compatibility
    They help enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal since they come in a variety of color and design. What is more, you can find a range of accessories including color-matched trims to enhance the degree of customization for a complete match with the rest of your house.
  • Environment-Friendly and Energy Efficient
    Most of them can be 100 % recycled when their lifespan expires. Recycling is a significant way to reduce environmental pollution. Additionally, they do not pose a health risk to plants and animals from reacting with weather elements unlike other materials such as asphalt. They reflect the rays of the sun helping keep your house cool and cuts down air conditioning costs by up to 25 %.
  • Safety
    They provide excellent protection against fire since they are noncombustible, and they have a Class A fire rating.

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Metal Roofing Options

  • R-Panel
    R-Panel roofs require little maintenance, are easy to install, and are available in some color schemes. They need a paint coating from time to time to prevent against rusting.
  • Corrugated
    Corrugate iron panels are the oldest type. At present, they are galvanized to enhance durability and are common in residential buildings. The roof panels can be incorporated with skylight panels since they have similar structural designs.
  • Architectural Standing Seam
    Architectural standing seam roofs provide superior all-weather protection due to their interlocking. The roofs are manufactured with a tight seal that makes it hard for water to leak in your house.

How to Install Metal Roofing

  • Take the Measurements of the Roof Area
    Measure the size of the area to be roofed in square feet to ensure you purchase enough roofing materials. You should take the measurements from the top and not from the ground for more accuracy. Ensure to add some little allowance to account for errors during measurement.
  • Order the Materials
    When you are ordering the materials, most stores have standard panel sizes, but you can place a special order to have custom-made panels. Your roofing panels can be customized on aspects such as size and color to complement the color of your house. However, it might cost you a little more to have custom-made roofing materials.
  • Add Insulation
    Reduce the likelihood of moisture damage to your property by adding a layer of insulation using roofing felt before fixing the roof. It is critical to do this for properties in locations that experience extreme weather conditions.
  • Install the Eave Flashing
    The eave flashing adds to the aesthetic appeal of your house by covering the perimeter of your house’s roof. Use 1 ¼ inch nails to securely install the eave flashing to seal it off.
  • Add Metal Panels
    Fix the roofing panels on the sheathing starting with roof parts with the longest straight lines from the peak to the eave using metal roofing screws. Leave a space of about 12inches between screws and ensure alignment when fixing the panels. Avoid overtightening exposed fasteners since doing so will make the rubber grommet snap off, allowing leaks in the house. Remember to leave about ¾ inch of the roofing panel extending beyond the eave. Ensure that all the edges of the roof have been covered by roofing panels to avoid leaks which can destroy your property and necessitate reroofing. Ensure to have the roofing panels overlap at the edges for at least 1 inch for the entire length of the roof to avoid leaks between adjacent panels. You can additionally apply silicone sealant on panel edges to make a water-tight seal.
  • Add the Flashing to the Roof
    Cover the roof joints where metal panels meet using the flashing to protect against rain and snow.
  • Finish
    Ensure that all edges of the roof are smooth and that all roofing panels have been fully fastened to the roof. You now have a roof over your head, and you can enjoy quality time with your family during any weather.

Metal Roofing Supplies

If you are looking for supplies, there are several locations in the Dallas Fort Worth area that you can purchase supplies from. Here is a list of locations that can you check out:
McElroy Metal
Quality Metals
American Building Components

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