Top signs to spot a leaking roof.

A roof that is leaking is a cause for alarm in many houses. Fortunately, minor roof repairs can fix this problem instead of replacing the entire roof. Repairs are much cheaper which is why you should not panic. A roof repair should be carried out immediately a leakage has been detected. This will prevent excessive roof damages such as mold that could result in roof replacement. This article will help you understand some of the most common reasons for roof leakages and how to go about them.


A Crack in the Flashing

Perhaps this is the most common cause of a leaking roof. A crack in the flashing is where there is a hole in the metal sheet on the roof that is attached to the skylights or chimney. The flashing wears out faster than the roof which results in leaks.

This problem can be easily fixed by raising the shingles that cover the edge of the flashing that is cracked to remove the worn out piece. Build a new flashing that has similar dimensions and nail it to the roof in the same manner as the previous one. Use a sealant to cover the nail heads.

Cracked or Broken Shingles

Leaking roofs are sometimes as a result of cracked, missing or broken shingles on the roof. These can be easily identified and fixed. There are a few reasons shingles can crack for example hailstone, old age or wear and tear.

Simply replace the broken shingles by removing the old shingles and aligning and nailing in new ones.


The Absence of Sealant in Valleys

The area where to sections of a roof intersect at the bottom is known as a valley. The valley needs to be covered with sealant at all times since water gathers here. If the sealant is not applied properly or has become worn out through the years, a roof leakage might be experienced during long rains.

A fresh layer of roof sealant to cover the valleys would resolve this issue.

man on roof fixing a leak.

Cracked Vent Booting

You have a gas vent or gas pipe that extends several feet above your roof. It comprises of a boot around the base that prevents water leakages from the vent. With time, the boot may crack which could cause leakages.

To fix the boot, use a pry bar to remove any nails or loose adhesive. Place a new rubber boot on the vent and seal it to the shingles using roofing caulk.


Ice Dams

Ice dams occur in the winter season. They are formed as a result of the accumulation of snow on the edges of the roof. Once the snow melts, it results in leakage as water puts pressure on the shingles.

Ice dams can be prevented by clearing up the snow on the roof as soon as possible. If they have already formed, use ice melt to unfreeze the snow and eliminate the accumulation of water on the roof.



When skylights are installed or sealed incorrectly on the roof, it results in roof leaks.

To fix this problem, caulk the edges of the skylight if you are sure the glass on the skylight is in excellent condition. You could also replace the flashing around the edges.


Clogged Gutters

Gutters help to collect rainwater or redirect water away from the roof. The clogged gutters may result in water retention below the shingles. In case you experience leakage from the gutters, it is a good sign that they have not been cleaned in a long time.

Cleaning and removing leaves and other items from the gutter fixes this problem.


Cracked Chimneys

The bricks and mortar that make up the chimney may be cracked allowing water to seep into the house. Moreover, the flashing could be worn out which causes the same problem. Tar can be used to fix small cracks on the chimney. For significant cracks, the entire chimney should be replaced.


Condensation in the Attic

In cases where the attic does not have enough ventilation, hot air from other rooms gathers in there. Due to condensation, water might build up over time which causes leakage to the floor beneath the attic.

To avoid this scenario, treat your attic as any other room in the house since it is not part of the roof. It will also prevent the buildup of mildew and mold. Install ventilation systems in the attic.


Wear and Tear

The shingles on your roof may wear out if there is constant motion on the roof. Regular activities on the roof may result in an entire roof replacement which is costly.


Prevent Leaks

The longer fixing a roof leak takes, the worse the problem becomes and the higher the repair costs. For cost, efficiency fix roof leakages without any delays. Inspect your roof regularly when you identify a leak and get the best repair company.


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